How you can be safe on the Roads in winter in SK – Preparing to See and to be Seen

winter driving safety

Preparing to see and be seen is the most important part of driving in Saskatchewan. We at Guru Nanak Driving School Regina teach each and everything in our 6/6 SGI Class Driving Course how to perform circle check / Vehicle Check before you start driving. This circle check will keep you safe on the road as well as other road users will be safe on the road.

General Rule is, If you cannot see through your windows, you should not drive. If your lights and signals are to protect you, they must be visible. Remember when we communicate with other vehicles, we communicate through Singles. 

Winter driving safety measures:

  • Brush the snow off your car.
  • Scrape the windshield, rear and side windows.
  • Clear your heater air intake (this is usually in front of the windshield).
  • Clean your headlights, taillights, and signal lights.
  • Be sure to clear your tissue boxes, sunglasses, papers, etc., away from defroster outlets.
  • Drive with your headlights on at all times. Even on a clear day, swirling snow makes it difficult to see and be seen.

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