How you can Drive safely in Regina – Preparing Vehicle for Winter Driving

Guru Nanak Driving School is the Best Source to Learn about Winter Driving. We teach you how to prepare your vehicle for winter driving. Winter conditions, plus the effects of extremely low temperatures, demand that a vehicle is in top condition. For this reason, a pre-winter check is a necessity, and in the end is less annoying and less costly than battery boosts, tows, and being late. Give special attention to your heater and defroster.

As well as getting a tune-up and adding antifreeze to your radiator, you would be wise to have the following:

  • snow tires
  • block heater
  • snow brush and scraper
  • gas line antifreeze
  • small snow shovel
  • set of traction mats
  • booster cables (know how to use them)
  • For out of town trips, add the following survival equipment:
  • extra warm clothes (include footwear, mitts, and hats)
  • a supply of candles and matches
  • tow chain or rope
  • nourishing freezable food (raisins, nuts, candy)
  • sleeping bags

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