Winter Driving Techniques in Regina

winter driving tips in regina

Being a Canadian Driver, Especially Saskatchewan Driver we all should know about the Winter Driving Techniques. We at Guru Nanak Driving School teach all these techniques in our 6 by 6 Class Driving Training.  It isn’t easy to drive in winter or with heavy snow on the road. We provide you with the best winter driving tips in Regina. You can usually start moving on ice or packed snow by accelerating gently. If this does not work, or if you are on a slight downgrade, try moving in second gear.

If you are stuck in deep snow, try rocking your vehicle. To do this, start forward, gently accelerate and you will move forward a little. When your wheels spin, immediately stop accelerating and hold the vehicle with the brake to stop it from rolling back. Shift to reverse, release the brake and accelerate gently. You will move back. When the wheels spin again, stop immediately. Repeat the forward-backward rocking movement, increasing the distance you move each time until you gain sufficient momentum to keep moving ahead. Be sure the wheels have stopped turning before changing gears to avoid damage to your transmission.

Search for traction. Look for sand or grit. Choose snow rather than ice. A small movement to one side will often move you from a low traction icy patch onto snow or sand. This motion can usually be completed in your lane.

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