Rental Vehicle for Road Test

Rental Vehicle for Road Test
$ 150  
Road Test Driving Evaluation
Last Minute Driving Improvement Suggestions
Parallel Parking (Very Easy and Simple Technique)
Includes about 60 minutes pre-test In-Car lesson
Dual brake equipped vehicles
Free Pick Up & Drop Off City Wide - NO EXTRA COST
$80 Vehicle Rental Without 1 Hour Brush up Lesson
Flexible hours
rental vehicle for road test

Affordable Rental Vehicle for Road Test

Have you finished your 6&6 training and your test date is fast approaching?

Do you need to exchange your license and are you required to take a road test?

For any reason do you require to retake a driving aptitude test on the road network?

There are many cases where it is preferable to get a rental vehicle for the road test. Our driving school offers a car rental service for review purposes to the students. Renting the same vehicle as the one used for teaching promotes a reassuring driving environment. The fact of driving the same car as that used within the framework of the driving lessons has the effect of reassuring the student. It is therefore fair to say that renting a car for exam purposes can make a significant contribution to reducing stress levels while increasing the learner’s confidence on exam day.

Our vehicles meet the SGI Mandatory requirements and we offer our vehicles for road test purposes also.

We offer under this program but are not limited to the following

Should you have any questions or Concerns, Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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