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How you can get a Class 5 Driver Training SGI Certificate in Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan?

Class 5 Driving Lessons in Regina and Moose Jaw

Guru Nanak Driving School in Regina provides Class 5 Driver Training in Regina and Surrounding areas. We do provide 6 Hours of Class 5 Training online almost Every Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm. If wish to enroll just for 6 Hours of Class 5 Training, We will mail your certificate upon completion of the 6 hours of online zoom class.

Our Class 5 SGI Driver Eds are very professional and make you feel comfortable behind the wheel. We do provide free pick up and Drop off services in Regina and Moose Jaw. upon completion of both 6 hours of Class and 6 hours of In-car, We will issue an SGI Certificate.

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