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Why Choose our Driving School for 6 and 6 SGI Course in Saskatchewan?

A formal class or program that prepares to obtain a Class 5 Driver’s Licence is known as SGI Mandatory Class 5 driving education or Driving lessons. Existing license holders may also be prepared for a Road Test which is also known as Pre Road Test Brush Up Lessons or refresher Driving Lessons in Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It could be the combination of both 6 hours of In-Class and 6 hours of In-Car.

Typically, driving our innovative driving lessons and instructions will train you to deal with any Real or potential hazard ahead of time to avoid any collision on the Road. These 6 hours Drive is a combination of all kind of drive, 6 basic Driving conditions in Saskatchewan, How to smoothly stop on slippery surfaces, How you can avoid skidding and much more.

We have Dual Controlled Vehicles for 6/6 training in Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to avoid collisions. our vehicles are up to the mark in compliance with SGI Standards.

Class 5 Driver Training in Saskatchewan is provided by Guru Nanak Driving School. All of our instructors are SGI certified and go out of their way to make driving a pleasurable experience for you. We use interactive and imaginative teaching approaches to teach driving. This enables our students to learn to drive more quickly and easily. So, if you’re looking for a 6 by 6 Driver’s Training School in Saskatchewan, you’ve come to the Right place. Because we provide professional class 5 driving instruction and defensive driving approaches in Regina and Moose Jaw

What is our 6/6 SGI Class 5 Course?

SGI 6/6 Class 5 Training in Saskatchewan is Mandatory Driver Education for new drivers. The six hours in the car and six in the classroom are made up of, but not limited to, the following: the underlying ideas that guide the backing maneuvers driving on highways and in the gravel. In Regina and the surrounding communities, Guru Nanak Driving School provides 6/6 SGI Class 5 Course in Regina, Brush up Lessons in Regina, Pre-Road Test Evaluation, Winter Driving Lessons, Class 4 Road Test Training, and Rental Vehicle for Road Test.

Guru Nanak Driving School is the Best, Most Affordable, and SGI Certified Class 5 Driving School in Regina, Saskatchewan. We continuously keep track of the time, so you have our guarantee that you will receive a full 6 hours of driving instruction. The time it takes our driving instructor to pick you up will never be subtracted from your training time. Thus enroll in our 6/6 SGI Class 5 Course to learn how to drive in a straightforward manner.

Why choose our service?

Guru Nanak Driving School offers the best driving lessons in Regina and the surrounding areas. Our Class 5 Driving School in Regina is SGI-approved, and we offer both the required 6/6 Class 5 Driving Training. Our mission is to provide everyone with inexpensive access to proper, safe, defensive, and proactive driving training. Before and after driving lessons, we ensure that our education facility and vehicles are clean and sanitized. Our school offers its students a modern classroom with multimedia technologies. As a preventative measure to ensure safer training, our cars are highly kept and safe.

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