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How to Pass Class 5 Road Test in Regina, Saskatchewan? – A Step by Step Guide

Guru Nanak Driving School is the best and most affordable Class 5 Driving School in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Here is the Detailed Guide that how you can be safe and pass your Road Test in Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Learning period

The holder of a Class 7 licence must retain that classification for at least nine months before becoming eligible for any examinations toward obtaining a licence in any other class.

Road test

You’re required to take a road test in the appropriate class of vehicle and you must supply the vehicle.

You must schedule your appointment at your nearest examination office. Road test appointments in smaller centres are reserved for local residents only.

Depending on your location, your examiner may use a paper and a clipboard or a
digital app on a tablet to score your driving during the road test.

The road test is an evaluation of your ability to safely operate a vehicle. You’ll be tested on:

  • abiding by road signs along the route
  • anticipation of potential hazards
  • parallel parking and backing up
  • proper lane driving
  • shoulder checking
  • starting
  • stopping
  • traffic signs and signals
  • travelling through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • turning
  • various safe driving practices like speed selection and steering techniques

When you arrive to your road test, please:

  • park and turn off your vehicle;
  • stay in your vehicle and text “Here” if you signed up for text notifications;
  • make sure your cellphone and ringer/vibrate are on; and
  • have your photo ID ready.

Your examiner will call you at your appointment time to ask some questions and then will come out to meet you. To keep everyone safe, your supervising driver should wait in our waiting room, rather than in our high-traffic parking lot, while you take your road test.

If you have any questions about the test, the examiner will be happy to answer them for you before the test starts.

Note: No pets or passengers, other than examination staff, are permitted in your vehicle during the road test.

A road test will be refused if:

  • you cannot provide proof of having completed the required driver education (training record on your electronic SGI file or Driver Education Certificate)
  • you’re late for your appointment
  • you don’t have the appropriate driver’s licence or have not paid the exam fee
  • you haven’t held a Class 7 licence for at least nine months
  • you don’t meet the vision or medical fitness standards
  • you drive to the test office illegally
  • the vehicle you provide for the road test is unsafe or not equipped in accordance with the law. The Driver Examiner will inspect the vehicle before the test begins. The following list of equipment must be in working order, or the test can be refused:
    • horn
    • signal lights
    • brake lights
    • headlights (as required)
    • windshield wipers (as required)
    • working defrost (as required)
    • seatbelts and airbags
    • speedometer
    • one valid licence plate properly attached to the rear of the vehicle
    • unobstructed windshield
    • the driver does not have a clear view of the road to the front, sides and rear
    • mud flaps that meet legal requirements
    • functioning driver’s and front passenger’s doors
    • proper seats
    • the passenger compartment of the vehicle is not clean or free of strong scent or odour
    • the vehicle is not the right class for the licence you want

If your windshield is cracked and you’re unsure if it will be accepted for a road test, it’s best to have a driver examiner check it before your road test. Visit your local driver examination office to have an examiner look at it in person. You can also visit sgi.sk.ca/windshield to find examples of an acceptable windshield.

You will fail the road test if you:

  • exceed the speed limit
  • are involved in a collision for which you are 50% or more responsible
  • fail to stop where required
  • fail to yield to vehicles and pedestrians
  • fail to wear a seatbelt
  • cannot parallel park
  • disobey traffic lights
  • fail to follow a request from the examiner
  • require the assistance of the examiner
  • make a combination of minor mistakes

At the end of the road test, a complete report will be given to you with all errors explained. If you were unsuccessful, the report will indicate where improvement is required. Depending on how the examiner scored your test, you’ll either get a paper copy of your results or have them emailed to you. The emailed results include links to the online Driver’s Handbook so you can follow up on the areas you need to work on. When you have had more practice, you may make an appointment for another road test. You must pay an additional test fee before each road test.

If you’re applying for a Class 5 licence and fail your road test, you must wait two weeks before you are eligible for another road test. Additional training may be recommended or a longer learning period imposed.

Successful exam results are valid for 12 months but your licence must be upgraded at any SGI motor licence issuer before you can drive alone.


Please Consider the above mentioned points before you appear for your Road Test. If you still have any questions or concerns please feel free to Text/Call us at 306 201 8458 or If you would like to register for Car Rental for Road Test or Schedule a Pre Road Test Driving Evaluation with us Please Click Here

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