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How you can get Driving Lessons in Regina?

Are you ready to take Driving Lessons in Regina?

We can help you get started on your driving lessons with a variety of packages, such as 6/6 SGI Mandatory Driving Course Regina, Winter Driving Lessons, Driving Lessons in Regina, Vehicle Rental for Road Test, SGI Certified Class 5 Training in Regina and much more…..! ” You’ll receive top-notch instruction from one of our SGI Approved Driving Ed and immediately feel comfortable behind the wheel.

At Guru Nanak Driving School, you will learn to drive Smoothly from an SGI Certified Driving Instructors in Regina. We are an SGI Certified Driving School in Regina and provide Driving Lessons in Regina. We also provide Brush up Lessons before your Road Test and vehicle Rental for Road test. In addition, we provide SGI Mandatory training 6/6 Training and provide SGI Certificate upon completion of the Course.

All of Our Driving Educators are SGI approved and we are SGI approved Class 5 Driving School in Regina

We provide these services at very reasonable and affordable prices

  • SGI 6/6 Mandatory Training
  • Brush Up Lessons Regina
  • Driving Schools Regina
  • Vehicle Rental for Road Test Regina
  • SGI Certified Driving Instructors Regina

Our Vehicles

We also perform Pre trip inspection of our vehicle before each drive. Our Vehicles are up to date as per SGI Requirement… if you don’t have vehicle for Road Test, do not worry at all. We provide Vehicle rental for Road test also. If you wish to take Driving lessons in Regina before your road test to refresh your driving skills or you want last minute tips, We will be happy to help you in that.

Our Driving Instructors

All of our Driving Instructors in Regina are SGI Certified. Our School is also approved by SGI. You’ll receive top-notch instruction from one of our SGI certified driving instructors and immediately feel comfortable behind the wheel.

6/6 SGI Mandatory Training Class 5

At Guru Nanak Driving School, We provide 6 Hours in class and 6 hours in car training. We conduct our 6 hours in class training almost every Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm. You would join this training from the comfort of your home.

Upon completion of the 6 hours in class training, Our SGI Approved Class 5 driving instructor will contact to you for driving lessons in Regina. We provide free pick up and drop off services in Regina.

Brush up Lessons Regina

We provide Brush up lessons in Regina, you may take 1 hour or 2 hours Driving Training in Regina. Again we pick up and drop off in Regina absolutely FREE

Vehicle Rental for Road Test

We offer our vehicle for Road Test. We also offer a combine package of Vehicle rental and brush up lesson.

Should you have Questions or Concerns, Please feel free to Click on the link below and we will get back to you.

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